Cashew in Côte d’Ivoire

I was driven 700KM, which took about 8 hours, to visit this cashew processing plant in Touba in North Eastern Côte d’Ivoire, very near the border with Guinea.  The factory was great – clean, well run, good equipment.  I love cashews, and it was interesting to see how much work is involved in producing one cashew nut: cooking, shelling, skinning, sorting and grading, removing imperfections, and finally shrink wrapping for storage and transport.


  1. Nile,
    You have done a great job to let cashew lovers to discover cashew processing. Be blessed.


  2. I love this pictorial, great faces and technical shots…. You have done such a beautiful job with the pics, I was curious about the other senses… what were the sounds and smells there?

    Photographer’s response: There were not a lot of smells, but certainly plenty of sounds of the shelling machines clicking back and forth, and the workers chatting among themselves. Because of the size of the processing plant building, the noise turned into a low-level hum in the background. I shot video of the whole process – I will edit a demonstration video when I have some free time, and be sure to share it with you.

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