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Nile’s skills include pre­-production, travel planning, a variety of equipment and technologies, and a gift for timing and skillful execution. Justin Bench

Video Producer, 1 Take Wonders

Video: UMW – United Mission to Nepal

United Mission to Nepal works in 10 districts through seven cluster offices to improve life for impoverished communities, especially women. The mission’s work increases women’s access to education, health care, peace-building training and income-generating...

Video: UMW – Educación Popular en Salud, Concepción, Chile

Popular Education in Health (EPES) started in 1982 in Santiago, Chile, to promote community participation in public health. This video focuses on how the organization worked to assist communities in Concepción, Chile, following the 8.8 magnitude earthquake on February...

Video: Acción Médica Cristiana, La Dalia, Nicaragua

In the mountains in North-West Nicaragua in the department of Matagalpa, Acción Médica Cristiana works to empower women and improve lives through small savings groups, a cow-bank program, health clinics, and other strategies. Their website: Produced...

Video: Women and Community & Youth Network Against Violence

View on YouTube Read Accompanying Article Women and Community & Youth Network Against Violence based in San Francisco Libre, Nicaragua. Empowering youth and women. Photography and Production by Nile Sprague Produced for United Methodist...

Video: Crafts Business Thrives in India – TechnoServe

Produced for TechnoServe. Filming, photography and production by Nile Sprague. When Mala Giridhar launched the crafts business Chetana, she knew very little about running a company. So in 2009, she entered a TechnoServe business plan competition. In this video, Mala...

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