Maize in Ghana

I visited several maize (corn) farmers in the North of Ghana near Tamale.  The harvest was under way, the plants dry in the fields, and the farmers pulling the ears of corn off the stalks and piling them on the ground.  Women and young men collected the maize into large piles, and then it was transported to a machine that removed the husk and kernels.

The program gives training and assistance to farmers to buy pesticides and fertilizers.  As a result, their yields increased by 400 to 500%.

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  1. You captured great images of this people. I liked very much photos 624 and 626, 845 and 842. 857 and 766 are fantastic photos. In 871 I loved the expression of this woman. 900 is nice photo of that little boy with the huge vase. Nice light on 876, I like the colors and the silhouette of their houses. People seams comfortable; they smile to your lenses. Beautiful job.

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