The Muyil Ruins are about 25 km south of Tulum. They were quiet and peaceful, a really nice follow-up to the Tulum ruins the previous day, which were touristic, the atmosphere somewhat spoiled by all the people. There was a well preserved pyramid which we were able to climb, beautiful old hard wood trees, and lots of wild jungle.  We only saw two other groups of people while we were there, and a group of Mayan kids running up and down the pyramid and playing around the ruins.

Afterward we walked along a wooden boardwalk through the nature reserve.  We bargained and got in for half the displayed price.  The viewing platform was great – a lovely vista of the forest canopy – and the walk through the mangrove swamp was pleasant.

We got to and from Muyil on public transport, taking a bus from the main bus station in Tulum, and then on the way back catching on one the side of the road in front of the ruins.

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