My second day in Freetown, Sierra Leone, I visited the Kroo Bay slum area again, located along the edge of the ocean, and then towards the end of day I went to another slum area called Dwarzack, which is set in a valley and along the steep slope of a mountain.

In Dwarzack, I followed the road, which passed through a market, active with people buying fish, vegetables, and other supplies, and then the road ended.  From here, there was a series of rough, uneven stone steps leading further into the neighborhood.  As the sun got lower, ready to drop over the horizon, many people were making their way home, carrying their new purchases or goods they had been selling at market up the difficult stairs, balanced on their heads.  People had a variety of things, including mattresses, chairs, tubs of plastic containers, and trays of charcoal.

On a small plot of dirt, kids were playing football (soccer).

Women and children carried buckets by hand or balanced on their heads to fetch water, a tricky path strewn with boulders leading down a steep incline to the communal water faucet.