Video: Harford School for Girls, Sierra Leone

Video: Harford School for Girls, Sierra Leone

The Harford School for Girls in Moyamba, Sierra Leone, is over 100 years old, and provides schooling for young women aged 13 to 22 years, preparing them for University and other advanced education. Watch the video to see interviews with students and to learn more about the school.

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  1. My mother and June Hartranft (missionary to Sierra Leone) were very good friends and highschool classmates. I remember her well.Miss June got me a pen pal from Harford, Miatta Koroma who would have graduated around 1958. We corresponded for years.I am wondering what happened to her after all these years. She visited me in my home town of Ephrata, Pa, USA one time in 1958. We lost touch.

    Carol Yost

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