I went back to my home in Mendocino Wednesday last week after three months away, to find my garden overgrown, with huge kale plants as tall as I am, with yellow flowers on top, broccoli and arugula going to seed, an artichoke, lots of chard, and everything looking very happy.  I’ve been working outside every day since.  I’m pulling out the old stuff and starting new lettuce, kale, broccoli and arugula.  I also spent several hours cutting grass  around the place, and it’s coming together nicely – it looks good.  Oh, and I dug my dahlia tubers, and now have tons and tons to replant and share and swap with friends.  My young cherry tree has some green fruit growing on it, and the peach is looking good as well.  I’m planting rows of flowers along the fence near the hot-tub, and in other spots, and it should all be very beautiful (or tasty) this summer.  It feels great to be outside working in the garden and taking a break from the computer.